What We Do

Research tells us most young children learn best in their natural environment (e.g., their home, daycare, or school). However, we know that many families have circumstances that make it hard to schedule therapy sessions, or don’t have access to the professionals they need in their area.
We help children and families by providing access to the therapists they need through easy-to-schedule virtual (video) sessions.

Our therapists will work with caregivers to support both child and family goals.

We individualize developmentally appropriate, evidence based techniques and strategies that caregivers can easily incorporate into the daily lives of their children.

We also provide 24/7 contact and support through our platform, which allows families and therapists to chat, send pictures, videos, and documents to each other, and track progress towards goals.

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Individualized care

When caught early, developmental delays can be reduced significantly with therapy. MEIS will work with you to determine:

  • if your child has a developmental delay,
  • help you get services through your insurance and/or local free programs,
  • provide experienced professionals to help you from the comfort of your own home through virtual therapy sessions.

Our therapists

Our highly skilled therapists offer secure online sessions to manage and overcome developmental challenges. We can help you navigate your child’s unique path by targeting specific milestones as they grow and finding ways for them to learn and practice skills as part of your everyday life.

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Focus Areas

MEIS therapists will work with you to address challenges in the following areas:

  • Speech and Language Skills (e.g. talking and communicating)
  • Feeding Skills (e.g. breast feeding and feeding self)
  • Large Motor Skills (e.g. moving around, crawling, walking)
  • Fine Motor Skills (e.g. playing with toys, drawing, dressing self)
  • Social and Emotional Skills (e.g. behavior, tantrums, playing and interacting with others)
  • Cognitive Skills (e.g. .problem solving, memory, learning colors, counting)

Are you a provider interested in joining the MEIS Network?

MEIS Network is comprised of various groups of providers supported by interpreters that ensure your telehealth experience is flawless. MEIS professionals work directly with parents and caregivers for learning intervention practices to support meeting developmental milestones. MEIS also provides related services and programs to support families of children with or at risk of having developmental problems, the professionals who service them, and the institutions that seek to improve service delivery.

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