The President and CEO of Rossiter & Cummaro Enterprise (RCE) were welcomed by Five Fish Foundation on Monday, December 21, 2020 in Charleston, South Carolina. RCE has committed to support Five Foundation because the organization’s mission aligns with RCE’s mission and vision.
Left to Right: James Cummaro, President, RCE; Daniel Stern, Board Member, Five Fish Foundation; Stephen Rossiter, CEO, RCE; Lisa Leask, President, Five Fish Foundation; Noah Leask, Founding Member, Five Fish Foundation.

Born out of a personal commitment a few years ago, Five Fish Foundation provides much needed assistance to individuals with developmental challenges. Their programs and services facilitate access to approved therapies, programs and products that promote support, care, acceptance, quality of life and education to benefit families in South Carolina.

“We are privileged to have the ability to support Five Fish Foundation and the families that they serve. It is every parent’s dream to be able to ensure the best quality of life for their children” said James Cummaro, President of RCE.”

“We are honored to accept this generous gift and commitment of support from RCE. As partners, we have great things in store in 2021 to further support the families we serve,” said Five Fish Foundation Founder, Lisa Leask. RCE and Five Fish Foundation plan to launch multiple programs in 2021 in support of the special needs families in Lowcountry.”

RCE is committed to continually partner and collaborate with organizations that work to improve families throughout our communities thru its administration and upcoming platform: Milestones Early Intervention Services (MEIS).

For questions on RCE’s programs, please contact, Jessica Gardner, Business Development Director, (813) 754-7777, Five Fish Foundation can be reached at: 571-235-1621 or